Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Cyberman, Who cares?

A baby cyberman.

Little doggy

A Street Fighter goes Disney.

Yar VS Elmo

In this encounter Elmo was not stunned at all...

Oz meets NCIS

Dorothy and Abby.

Under the sea.

The Sub-Mariner, Nemo, and Ponyo.

No face and Woody

That's Incredible!

The Dark Knight meets 60's Batman.

A little Bat-reality check.

60's Batman meets Dark Knight's Joker.

The little mermaid...sort of.

"what the...?"

Baby Iron Man shows off Baby Tin Man.

"I had a dream that I could fly..."

Baby Tin man suffers from Iron Man envy.

We're not in Oz anymore!

Green lantern Aya


Paper bag Batman

Paper bag Leia

Another of the seven deadly Elmos! I really need to say it?

Two of the seven deadly elmos!

Wrath and Gluttony

Marvel and DC

The little mermaid...clownfish

Crystal Skull?

Nausicca and Jasmine

Merida and Mononoke

So there!


Poor Raven.

More false advertising

Feeling lucky?

Who cares

More anime




Rocky for Lucky Charms cereal.

False advertising

Baby princesses


Ingrid Bergman


The Black Window

Emma Stone, Snow White

Dino down.

Don't do this at home.

Frosted Fakes

Timey Wimey stuff.