Thursday, November 12, 2009

China doll 2

A Chinese version of Rapunzel.


Nuff' said.

Homework Hell!

A sketch that i did a few months ago while watching a movie.

What if...

Going a little out of the way to sell a patty.

Blue lantern potter

This one just seemed to work. You know who...not the evil you know a blue lantern.

Don't mess with...

I thought I'd draw a Texan princess...her hat got cut off when I took the photo.

"What ring?!"

A LOTR's lantern. Ring of power......power ring?

Less than incredible

Another lantern selected from outside of the DCU......drew this at midnight and hurried to finish it!
Ran low......REALLY low on ink here!! ......and cut off a little when I took the picture, sorry!


My precious!

A Lord of the rings character as the orange lantern?

Thar be a dragon here

Under the Cyber-sea.

The little mermaid 2.0!

Narwal ridders!!

A little something I did for a friend.

A logical choice

"Make it so..."

My humble attempt at creating a famous starship captain.

A Santa make over